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Exhibition Ivan Andrašić



From 20 May 2018 until 25 May 2018


20 May 00:00h



Naive Gallery


Oil on glass, Aquarelle

About the exhibition

These watercolors that you see are not just related to today's day, just because their water-soluble tissue and the clot that opens and close them depends on how you look at it and what kind of moods you are. Just today, with these clouds, rain is actually the perfect set design for this show. Watercolor is my favorite technique, which is why this exhibition is extremely dear to me. And not just for that. In today's age of domination, if we are talking about art - oil on canvas, graphics ... What has a 'good pass', it is bold and commendable to express itself in a technique that has its own mindset that does not always allow you to have your will or mistakes . It's not easy to express in watercolors, though it looks very simple. Here, much deeper and wider, this is a deeper inspiration. When someone looks at the picture, you can see that Ivan Andrasic does not work the cycles as if to break the knife. This inspiration goes through all of its phases - said the Ivan Viđen and added that each of the images is a window for meditation.

About the author

Ivan Andrasic was born on December 21, 1959 in Molve, where he attended elementary school, while completing Gymnasium in Đurđevac. Graduated in 1983 at the Department of Pegagogy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. From the youthful days it is devoted to painting by extending a long and thorough developmental route from the naive scenery of the Podravina landscape, the customary and rustic flicker of lightening, to the impeccable variation of Impressionist paintings on glass and especially watercolors. In a sophisticated tone scale and unmistakable atmospheric movements and changes, as well as a reversal of rusticity in favor of personality, becomes a completely separate and exceptional author of the Podravka painting scene.

From the eighty years of the last century, he is intensely involved in graphic design. The drawing is pure, elegant, compositionally developed, also out of naivetous manicism. He has produced several graphic maps in collaboration with eminent literary authors, emphasizing himself as a synergistically aligned illustrator of literary works. Very early, far from 1971. Begin to exhibit at home and abroad. To date, he has produced eighty solo exhibitions, and several hundred exhibitions, across Europe, the United States and Canada, where he has been studying journeys.

Today, many pictures are found in the world, in galleries, museums and private collections. In their family line with a creative atmosphere, their two daughters, Patricija and Izabela, are participating, producing a family tradition of fertile and creative life.

Ivan Andrašić is a member of art and professional associations of DNLUH and ZSUH (Community of Independent Artists of Croatia).

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