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Exhibition Infinity



From 12 October 2017 until 26 October 2017


12 October 20:00h




Sebastian Art Gallery



About the exhibition

A large number of fans of art and culture did not respond to a large international exhibition of paintings and sculptures called 'Infinity'. The guests were greeted by the owner of the gallery Andreja Dujić, while several exhibitions and works of art by renowned Italian artists were presented by Andreja Dujić, art historian, professor Gaiammarco Puntelli and Svjetlana Lipanović.

Professor Giammarco Puntelli specifically emphasized that art is the one that changes the chemistry of man, his motivation, spiritual thoughts ... Art is not a sign and a color, not a thought of construction and not a change of matter, simply and always was an infinite moment of life changes, understood as the evolution of the human being.

Professor Giammarco Puntelli especially thanked the team of people who realized the whole exhibition, owners of the Sebastian Gallery and the gallery of Croatian naive Andreja Dujić, Mark Kristi, Andrei Batinić Ivanković and Svjetlani Lipanović, who is also a representative of Croatian artists in Italy and writes for a significant magazine about culture.

Infinity - Art beyond time

Under the magical sign of infinity, the exhibition "Infinity" is revealed to art lovers, in the characteristic areas of Dubrovnik, an ancient, Croatian town known in the world for the great beauty of the buildings and the Mediterranean landscapes. which realizes different interpretations through the creative metamorphosis of the existing one.

New forms reflect the spirit of the artist and the unresolved secret of the creative act. The transient moment of existence is stopped on canvas, contained in the interior of the sculpture, to become part of the eternal. In the new space, the works preserved from transience, glittering by projecting various real and unrealistic aspects of everyday life.

The "Infinity" exhibition leads us to the wondrous world of living art beyond time, where we can recognize our essence, in the exhibited works. Looking at the paintings of the sculpture, the phrase of Victor Hugo's French voice sounds more than true: "In the case of artists of great quality, there is infinity" and at the exhibition, infinity is present in his name and works.


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